NeoSentalloy Rectangular - Ideal Arch

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A Leader in Superelastic Wires

An excellent, low-friction, superelastic, NiTi archwire for straightening and alignment. Sentalloy wires feature thermally activated shape memory and provide nearly constant forces.

Sentalloy wires are designed to deliver a gentle, light continuous force; moving teeth without dissipation of force and periodontal stress. The “secret” to Sentalloy’s superiority is its use of body temperature to activate the characteristics inherent in the wire, to give you superelasticity and shape memory qualities not found in competitors wires. All Sentalloy wires are individually wrapped to help prevent cross contamination.

Body Heat Activation

At room temperature, Sentalloy wire is soft, pliable and easy to engage. Once warmed to body temperature the wire gently and predictably guides the teeth to the present arch form.

Shape Memory Effect

Sentalloy will take displacements up to 90 degrees without deforming. Its overwhelming desire to return to its original shape actually promotes tooth movement with fewer wire changes and fewer patient visits.


Even when severely malposed, Sentalloy continues to exert its gentle, near constant forces as the tooth moves for greater efficiency. 


NeoSentalloy Rectangular - Ideal Arch
NeoSentalloy Rectangular - Ideal ArchNeoSentalloy Rectangular - Ideal Arch

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